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Patient Restorations: Arms

ARTech builds entire arm prostheses up to the shoulder with customized fittings molded to the patient's stump. The prosthetist supplies the complete A.F. or B.E. Passive or myo-electric prosthesis (with hand). ARTech's aesthetic silicone covering fits directly over the prosthesis and can easily be removed for repairs to the myo. ARTech has developed a unique myo fingertip reinforcement system which is an integral part of the silicone covering. This system dramatically reduces the rupturing and twisting problems which commonly occur with other myo coverings. Myo coverings have silicone nails for better flexibility and durability.

Artech prosthetic arm in place
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Artech myo-electric prosthetic with silicone covering
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Artech myo-electric prostheses with silicone coverings
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